ARM-Powered Notebooks: Coming Soon

Industry insiders have revealed that four mobile computing giants, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung and Asus are working on notebooks built around ARM’s processor architecture.

Growing in stature.

A few years previously, similar ARM-based notebooks sporting Android went up for sale under the ‘smartbook’ tag, but flopped because of their shortcomings in comparison to regular laptops. However, the very same insiders say that now, with multi-core processing power and bigger hard drives to provide a better user experience, these products should be more successful.

It is believed that these products will create a new market segment, given that ARM processors are much more energy-efficient than the standard AMD/Intel offerings. This claim is bolstered by the fact that ARM solutions are cheaper too, with expected ARM-based notebook prices starting around $300 or even less. Windows 8 will push the price up, though.

ARM CEO Tudor Brown said a few weeks ago that Windows 8, spotted running on ARM based demo machines, would help push ARM’s command to about 40 percent of the netbook market. By which time ARM will have about 85 percent of the tablet PC market share.Those are big numbers. Phew.

The CEO was also confident that the introduction of ARM processors will take the industry’s focus off of the current heat dissipation trouble caused by Intel’s x86 lineup, and help it move towards innovation in the battery department.

According to industry sources, we should expect to see netbooks running the ARM processor from Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Asus towards the end of this year. However, Windows 8 models won’t be available until next year.

Way to go for ARM, we say. They penetrated the mobile processor market a few years back, dominated it, and are now turning their attention towards more of the ‘regular’ PC stuff. With their dominance of the tablet PC and smartphone market to act as a buffer, and their energy-efficient architecture, they are bound to at least make their mark. Smart move, this.


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