FIFA 12 Preview and Release Date

The guys over at Electronic Arts confirm UK release date as September 30th, US release scheduled for three days earlier.

We hope he scores this time around...

There isn’t much in the way of wholesale changes to the game, apart from the usual improved graphics. Not too surprising, considering EA’s admission that it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve on an already nigh-perfect recipe. However, there is some noteworthy additions: including an advanced impact engine.
Whereas previously players would go through the same set of predefined tackle and collision animations, this time around the engine will ensure that players’ bodies react like actual humans. That is, the engine will actually determine what part of the player’s anatomy actually got hit (e.g. the arm or leg) and the subsequent motion of the player.

Another significant change is what EA calls the “Tactical Defending” system. Whereas before defending was a hit-or-miss affair, this new system promises a much improved gig with better positioning, tackling, and of course intercepting. It’s all about adding further realism to the game, better timed tackles will result in more successful interceptions. Dribbling and the injuries system has also been polished up.

Blokes over in the Kingdom are already bleating about the three-day wait, calling it unfair. While going through other related articles, we found that some people have even employed some of their choicest swear words to try to properly explain these actions of the guys at EA.

It’s also fair to assume that Andy Gray will not be part of the games commentary team. A relief then.

barca real david villa


This is a more natural iteration of the beautiful game, and it seems to have struck a better balance between attack and defense. Having played almost every yearly title since more than a decade now, I’m buzzed with anticipation. Lets see what Pro Evo comes back with.

Nevertheless, these things do not matter much in major portions of Asia. It so happens that in many countries there, finding an original game is akin to finding gold dust, and why would they bother seeing  that they can get a cracked game for far less and far more easily. However we do not condone copyright infringement in any way, we believe we all should support future game development by buying an original.

But we feel for them. Those lucky, lucky gits…

Check out the FIFA 12 EA Press Conference at E3 below.


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