Google Bringing its A-Game?

A giant of cyberspace, Google, is now getting into games.

A job listing recently appeared recently for a product manager for games to work on its latest venture called  “Games at Google”. These days the social gaming ‘scene’ is largely dominated by Zynga (Founder of Farmville, and dozens of other -villes) and Apple. But the reach and impact
of social gaming makes it an important segment. With Google’s network currently boasting around a billion users a month, this could be an ideal way to harness and generate a significant amount of revenue from this new avenue. Given the popularity of its wide and connected network, we think its Games at Google has a good chance of catching on.

Social gaming by Google has been expected by the industry since CEO Larry Page returned in April, and outlined in a memo that social gaming was viewed as the way forward and an important part of their future strategy.

Now the question is whether they go for an Android based or web-based product. Short odds are on a combination fo the two, with the Android based probably hitting the market first. Expect integration with Adsense, and an AppStore like Developer option.

Err, back to the job posting. Google says that the ideal candidate will help “design strategies for game distribution and discovery, player identity, game mechanics, and more.” and the opportunity to make “Interesting and impactful decisions involving social gaming, privacy, virality, business, and technical APIs awaits you”.

See the posting below.

Product manager, Gaming


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  1. Oh, social games?

    I thought we were talking about something important…

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