Geohot Now Works At Facebook

Facebook has hired George Hotz, better known as Geohot, although it’s not clear what his role is at the company.

Multiple sources are reporting that famed iPhone and PlayStation hacker George Hotz aka Geohot, has recently started work at Facebook in product development; many outlets are speculating that, given his skills, he is most likely an iOS App Developer. We think he’s much more likely to be working in Facebooks upcoming “Project Spartan”  HTML5 app store or security testing.  

We’re not sure, and can’t confirm at this time whether this move by GeoHot might mean the end of his jail-breaking or console unlocking career. Its simply too early to say. The news was confirmed by fellow iPhone hacker p0sixninja yesterday in a Q&A session, see video below.

According to Hotz’s Facebook page, he has been a software engineer at Facebook since May 9. Strangely enough, there are other instances also of famous hackers moving into the corporate world. It seem almost traditional. Facebook profile hacker Chris Putnam, iOS hacker Peter Hajas, and  Twitter hacker Michael Mooney, had all switched over to the corporate side after getting making a name for their hacking.

Geohot, aka George Hotz, 21,  is a renowned iPhone and Sony PS3 hacker. He made headlines he last few months for defying  Sony over the PS3 hacking issue. He hacked the system to allow homebrew software to run by reverse engineering. The matter was later resolved out of court in April 2011, after several months of accusations, and court injunctions.


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