Tribes: Ascend Free to Play

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the upcoming Tribes:Ascend will be a free-to-play game.

The developer has taken the gambit to increase the potential audience of the multiplayer-only first-person shooter.

Hi-Rez boss Todd Harris said,

“We want as many people as possible to experience it. Free-to-play is a great way to grow the number of people exposed to Tribes gameplay. It’s simply a great way to let a number of people try the game, versus a huge marketing spend or other techniques.”

Ascend is being thought of as the multiplayer successor to Tribes 2, and the ‘re-introduction’ of the franchise to the gaming world. As with most other free-to-play games, a microtransaction system will do the earning for Hi-Rez. Basically, you can purchase loadouts, either via real-world money or game money that is earned slowly by playing matches. Loadouts determine your character type: light, medium or heavy, the two weapons you can carry, your explosive type and your character augmenting pack. To keep user interest, new loadouts will be introduced regularly.

According to Harris,

The game is role-based so the whole idea of having complimentary load-outs and more of a class-based approach is certainly a change and we think an innovation that will make the game a little easier to learn at the low level. You can come in with a more targeted role, but also keep things very interesting at the higher level because of its more class-based or load-out-based nature.

The game is currently in the closed beta stage. You can watch the gameplay video below.

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