Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 Galaxy S2?

New OS on the world’s most popular Android phone might be closer than you think.

The Galaxy S2 is currently king of the Android smartphone hill, what with it’s awesome SAMOLED display, HD video recording and ultra-fast dual-core processor. Now, rumors have it that Samsung is wanting to cash in on the buzz and make a Windows Phone 7-running smartphone with a SAMOLED Plus display. The move shouldn’t be a surprise, because the manufacturer, cashing in on the Galaxy S2’s success, would want a similarly-specced smartphone with Windows Phone 7.

That’s so because it currently has only two WP7 smartphones, the Focus and the Omnia 7, Both are pretty good, but none reaches the uber-smartphone niche that the Galaxy S2 resides in. If one desirable phone could be made to fill the gap, with mouth-watering specs like the Galaxy S2, why not? These rumors say that the phone should be no more than 10m thick. It’s natural that the processor should be single-core, because Windows Phone 7 does not support dual-core processors. However, it doesn’t look like the platform needs more than one core yet anyway.

If the rumors are true, expect the phone to land at around the time of Windows Phone 7 Mango’s release.


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