Steam Summer Sale: Day Seven


Just like we promised, here we are with all the latest from the Steam store. Todays pickings look supremely good. Read on for our full recommendations on what to get and what to forget.
What a menu. Okay, the Deal of The Day award goes to Grand Theft Auto 4 and expansion packs. At $9.99, it’s a steal, a no-brainer. This’ll get you through the longest summer of your life with its hundreds of hours of single player and endless multiplayer. And on top of that add a wonderfully crafted open world environment to the mix.  If you still havent played it, I don’t know what you’ve been doing 😛

Moving on, we have perennial winners like Prototype and Game of the Year (according to many) Batman: Arkham Asylum. Both are must-buys for any dedicated gamer. If gore is your thing, do go for Left 4 Dead 2. This is another blockbuster from the geniuses at Valve and is still a leader in its own genre. Far Cry 2 is  a good choice too, but with Far Cry 3 not too far in the distance it might be better to wait for the new one. Heck, get it. It’s just a measly five bucks.

Okay I do realize at this point that I’ve gone and basically endorsed half the offerings for today but facts are facts, the games are just THAT good. Of course, do have a look at the genres and make an ‘informed’ choice and before you splurge! (Hey Steam, how about a freebie here then :)?),


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