F1 2011: Here’s What We Feel

How does the upcoming version of F1 change things?

This time around, Codemasters is focusing on the multiplayer aspect of its F1 simulation, because they have realised that the experience was, well, not optimal. In fact, a lot of things were shortcoming on the previous version. Thankfully, with so much focus on racing your buddies, this time around things should be much more fun. In each race, there will be a full grid of 24 cars, with 16 human players, whereas previously multiplayer races were limited to 12 human-controlled cars only. A split-screen two-player mode reminiscent of Need for Speed 2 SE also makes a welcome appearance for when users want to go head-to-head.

The graphics will be greatly improved, with more realistic lighting, tracks and proper day-night transitions. F1 2011 will also sport the new team set for the year 2011, along with the revised 2011 official rules. The nineteen tracks will also be updated for 2011, sources have confirmed. Kinetic energy recovery systems that store energy from the engine when braking to provide a power boost later on also make an appearance, and dynamic rear wings that aid overtaking by reducing air drag have been put in place. Oh, and did I mention that the AI has been tweaked? The new edition’s AI is undergoing rigorous revision to enhance the realism and produce more lifelike racing behavior. Neat.

As far as the Career mode goes, the game will now put players more ‘in the shoes’ of the driver through enhanced visuals and atmosphere in the garage and Parc ferme, and pres clippings will be sent to the player according to his/her in-game actions. An option’s also been included so that players can race in co-op mode with a friend as teammate for an entire season.

In conclusion, the overall multiplayer improvements and additions should help the game finally get the multiplayer attention it deserves. The improvements in the other aspects of the game, although minor in themselves, should come together to bring a wholly more realistic Formula One experience. The trailer does confirm some of what we’ve heard-the enhanced realism can be felt in the video. If what we’ve heard turns out the way it seems, the game should be another smash hit, with a Formula One racing experience never before felt.

Expect the game to hit the shelves on September 23, 2011.

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Here’s the official trailer:


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