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Steam Summer Camp Day 4

We bring to you our take on the latest offerings on Steam’s Summer Camp.

Now it’s really starting to look as if Steam’s trying to lasso all the kids just out on vacation into one massive group of kiddies stuck to their monitors. What this can do to the global waist size average, we don’t want to think about. Anyways, without further rambling, just like we promised, here’s the latest on sale at the Summer Camp.

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Age of Conan: Free to Play

Funcom’s dark fantasy MMO RPG, Age of Conan, became free-to-play on the first of July. The game, based on Robert Howard’s fiction, was said to be going free-to-play in May. Now it has. Read the rest of this entry

Steam Brings Out The Good Stuff

Valve Software’s wildly popular Steam portal is now holding its ten-day Summer Sale until 10th of July, and it’s one heckuva sale!

There’s a bunch of daily deals on individual (read more popular) games and packs as well as complete publisher packs (read bunch of slightly outdated games) at a pretty steep discount. For example, you can get blockbusters like Call of Duty: Black Ops or Portal 2 for 33% off!

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Tribes: Ascend Free to Play

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the upcoming Tribes:Ascend will be a free-to-play game.

The developer has taken the gambit to increase the potential audience of the multiplayer-only first-person shooter.

Hi-Rez boss Todd Harris said,

“We want as many people as possible to experience it. Free-to-play is a great way to grow the number of people exposed to Tribes gameplay. It’s simply a great way to let a number of people try the game, versus a huge marketing spend or other techniques.”

Ascend is being thought of as the multiplayer successor to Tribes 2, and the ‘re-introduction’ of the franchise to the gaming world. As with most other free-to-play games, a microtransaction system will do the earning for Hi-Rez. Basically, you can purchase loadouts, either via real-world money or game money that is earned slowly by playing matches. Loadouts determine your character type: light, medium or heavy, the two weapons you can carry, your explosive type and your character augmenting pack. To keep user interest Read the rest of this entry

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed DLCs Free For PC!

Publisher EA brings the good news to PC fans; both ‘Speedhunters’ and ‘Legends’ DLC packs free from 30th June

We, at hashwired, are confessed PC heads, for a variety of reasons. We warmly welcome this decision and urge the wonderful guys at EA to make this a habit as part of their commercial strategy to lure PC gamers to their releases!

They say that both the DLCs will be available for download from their Steam rival, Origin. We have lately seen them move many of their releases Read the rest of this entry

Saints Row: Third At First Sight | They Just Love Breaking Rules

Lead writer admits he already dreads the controversy a new in-game weapon will most likely cause.

The first Saints Row was widely seen as a copy of Rockstar Games’ GTA: San Andreas.

No cartoony graphics this time.

Recently a THQ insider said that they planned to distance the series from the GTA franchise.

The latest GTA games have been dark and sullen lately, and his announcement of the THQ sandbox being “sillier, wackier and weirder…” is surprisingly comforting.

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Take Two says Duke Nukem Series Will Continue

Take-Two, publishers of the Duke Nukem series recently announced their plan to continue the series, despite the latest title receiving negative reviews by the gaming community and industry watchers alike.

The Duke needs to retire!

The game, released earlier this month, received lukewarm reviews mainly due to offensive content, shallow story and longer loading times.

After more than a decade of incubation time for this title, it is natural it would be near impossible to match the hype and expectations of the community and the legions of fans.  Read the rest of this entry