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FIFA 12 Preview and Release Date

The guys over at Electronic Arts confirm UK release date as September 30th, US release scheduled for three days earlier.

We hope he scores this time around...

There isn’t much in the way of wholesale changes to the game, apart from the usual improved graphics. Not too surprising, considering EA’s admission that it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve on an already nigh-perfect recipe. Read the rest of this entry


Team Fortress 2 – Free Forever on Steam

Valve Software has made its cartoonish first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2, free for Steam users on both Macintosh and PC platforms. “There’s no catch! Play as much as you want, as long as you like,” says Valve. Read the rest of this entry

Need For Speed: The Run | At First Sight

The latest in the Need for Speed series is on its way on November 15th. Its being developed by Black Box, who were also responsible for NFS Undercover,  a game which received a lukewarm reception and was often considered incomplete by industry critics. Lets hope they pick up a few good tips from Criterion, who developed the successful NFS : Hot Pursuit, and bring us a winner this time round.

The Run is based on a pretty simple concept; Read the rest of this entry

L.A. Noire – Coming Soon to a PC Near You

Rockstar Games’ smash console hit, L.A. Noire, is coming to PC in the next quarter, the publishers announced this morning. The story of LAPD officer and later detective Cole Phelps, on a mission to set right a city falling headlong into the pitfalls of its own success, has received rave reviews by virtually all the gaming authorities.

“L.A. Noire is a new type of game that makes players see through a detective’s eyes in 1940s Los Angeles,” said Sam Houser, Rockstar Games’ founder. “Its unique blend of story, action and crime solving will be perfect to play on PC.” Read the rest of this entry

Portal 2 Credits song “Want You Gone”

When I finished the game a few days back, I was really impressed by the top-notch quality of the ending. I mean, the ending itself wasnt overly hard or anything, but the wonderful originality, tongue-in-cheek symbolism and twists made it simply exceptional.
I’ll try to avoid spoilers. There is a surprise in store for those who listened to Cave Johnson carefully; and another bout of Wheatley’s spontaneous gibberish someplace you wouldn’t think, and the unlikeliest orchestra you have ever seen.
But the crowning glory is undoubtedly GLaDOS’ song at the credits, worthy of any Grammy. It is really, really special. Here it is. Do leave your comments below!