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Portal 2 Credits song “Want You Gone”

When I finished the game a few days back, I was really impressed by the top-notch quality of the ending. I mean, the ending itself wasnt overly hard or anything, but the wonderful originality, tongue-in-cheek symbolism and twists made it simply exceptional.
I’ll try to avoid spoilers. There is a surprise in store for those who listened to Cave Johnson carefully; and another bout of Wheatley’s spontaneous gibberish someplace you wouldn’t think, and the unlikeliest orchestra you have ever seen.
But the crowning glory is undoubtedly GLaDOS’ song at the credits, worthy of any Grammy. It is really, really special. Here it is. Do leave your comments below!


Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 is a true epic. It picks up from where Portal had left us, at the edge of our seats and thirsting for more, and does the seemingly impossible by creating a sequel that may be even better.

From the first moments of waking up in the rusting Aperture Science facility to right before the credits roll, Portal 2 rarely falters. The world is  bigger, the story thicker, and the character development more surprising. The mania of GLaDOS, the facility’s operator, is molded into unexpected forms alongside a host of brutally funny personalities. The history of the Aperture Science facility is filled in, character origins discussed, and an abundance of cruel jokes and Read the rest of this entry