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Facebook giving off the “Vibes”?

Ongoing speculation about a Facebook music service may actually be true. After the recent launch of video-calling at its ‘awesome’ event, a section of code in the video calling update has surfaced which proves that such a service is forthcoming.

The programmer says on his Life is a Graph blog, that apart from the video calling Read the rest of this entry


Dragon Age Legends Independence Day Perks

Electronic Arts has revealed a lineup of perks for registered players of its Facebook game.

Registered members of Dragon Age Legends have been contacted over the weekend about the Independence Day perks, and have been given a unique code from where they can redeem their perks. The promotional move has been taken as a celebration of USA’s Independence Day.

Entering the code will Read the rest of this entry

Google+ Impressions

We try our hands on Google’s latest foray into the social networking realm.

The Google Plus home screen.

Google Plus, or Google+ if you will, is the newest attempt by Google to break into the huge social networking world. Here, we take you on a tour of the system at the core of Google’s assault on Facebook. One thing that it has going for it is that Google Plus is not Facebook. Another is that it presents a fun, unique user interface for an awesome experience. On that front, the top navigation bar is really neat, with network activity that is unobtrusive yet notifying at the same time. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Now Worth $70 Billion

Facebook’s market value is 70.3 billion US dollars based on a recent investment.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg

Investment firm GSV Capital has purchased 225,000 Facebook shares at a price of $29.28 per share. Considering that Facebook currently has 2.4 billion outstanding shares, you can do the math and find out that it adds up to $70.27 billion. Pretty impressive. We believe that people, tending to hype things up and speculate at everything under the sun, are the source of the exaggerated $100 billion valuations, although at its current growth rate Facebook shouldn’t take long to reach the $100 billion mark. Read the rest of this entry

Geohot Now Works At Facebook

Facebook has hired George Hotz, better known as Geohot, although it’s not clear what his role is at the company.

Multiple sources are reporting that famed iPhone and PlayStation hacker George Hotz aka Geohot, has recently started work at Facebook in product development; many outlets are speculating that, given his skills, he is most likely an iOS App Developer. We think he’s much more likely to be working in Facebooks upcoming “Project Spartan”  HTML5 app store or security testing.   Read the rest of this entry