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Steam Brings Out The Good Stuff

Valve Software’s wildly popular Steam portal is now holding its ten-day Summer Sale until 10th of July, and it’s one heckuva sale!

There’s a bunch of daily deals on individual (read more popular) games and packs as well as complete publisher packs (read bunch of slightly outdated games) at a pretty steep discount. For example, you can get blockbusters like Call of Duty: Black Ops or Portal 2 for 33% off!

Here’s a snapshot of the some of the most popular games to keep you happy Read the rest of this entry


Review: CM Storm Sentinel Advance

The Storm Sentinel Advance represents Cooler Master’s first foray into the world of gaming mice. The move was initially a surprise, because Cooler Master were previously experts mainly on the chassis/cooler/power supply fronts, but this mouse is actually pretty good.

The Sentinel is one of the larger gaming mice in the market.

The Cooler Master Storm series has been targeted at gamers and PC enthusiasts, so it’s easy to tell where this mouse’s heart should lie, metaphorically of course. We’ve also seen the CM Storm Sniper casing in the same series which was quite good. Fair enough. Magnifying glass in hand, let’s go ahead to what this thing can actually do. Read the rest of this entry

Geohot Now Works At Facebook

Facebook has hired George Hotz, better known as Geohot, although it’s not clear what his role is at the company.

Multiple sources are reporting that famed iPhone and PlayStation hacker George Hotz aka Geohot, has recently started work at Facebook in product development; many outlets are speculating that, given his skills, he is most likely an iOS App Developer. We think he’s much more likely to be working in Facebooks upcoming “Project Spartan”  HTML5 app store or security testing.   Read the rest of this entry

Saints Row: Third At First Sight | They Just Love Breaking Rules

Lead writer admits he already dreads the controversy a new in-game weapon will most likely cause.

The first Saints Row was widely seen as a copy of Rockstar Games’ GTA: San Andreas.

No cartoony graphics this time.

Recently a THQ insider said that they planned to distance the series from the GTA franchise.

The latest GTA games have been dark and sullen lately, and his announcement of the THQ sandbox being “sillier, wackier and weirder…” is surprisingly comforting.

Whats unique about the Saints Row franchise Read the rest of this entry

Google Bringing its A-Game?

A giant of cyberspace, Google, is now getting into games.

A job listing recently appeared recently for a product manager for games to work on its latest venture called  “Games at Google”. These days the social gaming ‘scene’ is largely dominated by Zynga (Founder of Farmville, and dozens of other -villes) and Apple. But the reach and impact Read the rest of this entry

FIFA 12 Preview and Release Date

The guys over at Electronic Arts confirm UK release date as September 30th, US release scheduled for three days earlier.

We hope he scores this time around...

There isn’t much in the way of wholesale changes to the game, apart from the usual improved graphics. Not too surprising, considering EA’s admission that it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve on an already nigh-perfect recipe. Read the rest of this entry

Need For Speed Shift 2 Review

Fast. Visceral. Unforgiving. You jump into the driver’s seat as soon as you start the NFSS2 career mode in a practice run to determine driver-tailored difficulty settings. And what a practice run. Your heart begins pounding so loudly that you can hear it thumping over the shrill whine of the engine as it thunders towards the redline, and you, down the straight. You lean forward into your monitor screen in an attempt to peer round the approaching bend, slow down a little, looking to the side you turn, and stomping down with the right foot, you sprint relentlessly onwards. All around you are other racers determined to get to the finish line before you. But beware Read the rest of this entry