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Google+ Impressions

We try our hands on Google’s latest foray into the social networking realm.

The Google Plus home screen.

Google Plus, or Google+ if you will, is the newest attempt by Google to break into the huge social networking world. Here, we take you on a tour of the system at the core of Google’s assault on Facebook. One thing that it has going for it is that Google Plus is not Facebook. Another is that it presents a fun, unique user interface for an awesome experience. On that front, the top navigation bar is really neat, with network activity that is unobtrusive yet notifying at the same time. Read the rest of this entry


Google Bringing its A-Game?

A giant of cyberspace, Google, is now getting into games.

A job listing recently appeared recently for a product manager for games to work on its latest venture called  “Games at Google”. These days the social gaming ‘scene’ is largely dominated by Zynga (Founder of Farmville, and dozens of other -villes) and Apple. But the reach and impact Read the rest of this entry

Archos’ $100 Tablet: Cheap. Worth It?

Archos has released its Android 2.2 tablet, the Arnova 7, featuring a seven-inch resistive TFT touchscreen (800×480 pixels). The bargain $100 price makes you think twice about something fishy going on (or at least, it did us).

For starters, Android Market access is not available. Further, the tablet is not running the tablet version of Google’s Android (3.0 or 3.1). Worse still, Read the rest of this entry