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LulzSec was, Anonymous is.

Hacking group strikes one last time after announcing 50-day rampage has ended; Anonymous asserts they “sail in the same spirit”.

LulzSec, also known as Lulz Security, has turned the world topsy-turvy within two months of its initial attack. Since then, it has attacked organizations ranging from Nintendo to Bethesda to the CIA. Just a few days ago, the group announced its farewell.


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LulzSec Finally Quits

LulzSec has just announced its decision to quit after 50 days of “Lulz.”

As a parting gift, the hacking group has released a torrent on the Pirate Bay of information it claimed belonged to Arizona law enforcement agencies, which is now available for download, in what they say is their last operation. This authenticity of the claim has been confirmed by the law Read the rest of this entry