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Microsoft deals to Bing China

Bing will power the English searches on Baidu.

Microsoft has recently signed a deal with Baidu, the largest Search provider in China. According to the deal, Microsoft search engine Bing will power the English language search results for Baidu. This shows a rather different approach as compared to Google, which is competing via it own search engine in the country.

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Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 25k Apps

Windows Marketplace now features more than 25k applications, trackers are claiming. According to Windows Phone App List, an applications tracker the Marketplace now has 25,015 apps. Another tracker quotes a figure slightly below the 25k mark.

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8 By 12: New Windows Incoming

Microsoft’s Windows 8 expected for RTM (Release to Manufacturing) by April 2012, rumors say.

Word on the street is that the new Windows is due early next year, with Microsoft planning to RTM Windows 8 for x86, Windows 8 for ARM/SoC (system on a chip) and Windows 8 Server simultaneously by the coming April, according to ZDNet.

Microsoft's Mike Angiulo previewing Windows 8.

Just like they did with Windows 7, there will be two beta builds this time around as well; first a sole Windows 8 beta build will be released at the time of Microsoft’s Build conference, and then a Release Candidate (RC) version at the start of next year, succeeded by the final release.

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