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Steam Summer Camp: Day Nine

One or two things to lust after.

Sorry for the few day’s gap. We were having some technical and administrative issues; hopefully we’ll have them sorted out within a few days. However, we’re back at it again. Here’s today’s take from Steam’s Summer Camp:

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Steam Summer Camp: Deals From Day 5

Day Five brings yet another bucketful of goodies stuff.

Here’s another one from Steam Summer Camp’s Sale. While I can’t figure out for the life of me why the site is not working as nice as it should (it looks like they’re still updating it for today), and it seems as if all the deals aren’t up yet, I’ll be posting now because I’ve been waiting for forever to see if today’s deals are finalized or not.


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Steam Summer Camp Day 4

We bring to you our take on the latest offerings on Steam’s Summer Camp.

Now it’s really starting to look as if Steam’s trying to lasso all the kids just out on vacation into one massive group of kiddies stuck to their monitors. What this can do to the global waist size average, we don’t want to think about. Anyways, without further rambling, just like we promised, here’s the latest on sale at the Summer Camp.

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Team Fortress 2 – Free Forever on Steam

Valve Software has made its cartoonish first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2, free for Steam users on both Macintosh and PC platforms. “There’s no catch! Play as much as you want, as long as you like,” says Valve. Read the rest of this entry

L.A. Noire – Coming Soon to a PC Near You

Rockstar Games’ smash console hit, L.A. Noire, is coming to PC in the next quarter, the publishers announced this morning. The story of LAPD officer and later detective Cole Phelps, on a mission to set right a city falling headlong into the pitfalls of its own success, has received rave reviews by virtually all the gaming authorities.

“L.A. Noire is a new type of game that makes players see through a detective’s eyes in 1940s Los Angeles,” said Sam Houser, Rockstar Games’ founder. “Its unique blend of story, action and crime solving will be perfect to play on PC.” Read the rest of this entry

Upgrading your PC – A Detailed Guide

We don’t think you need any by-the-book introduction to what PC hardware is; we know that there are hundreds of sites out there dedicated to enlightening you on the very subject. So we decided to put together exactly that which is not easily found, except on enthusiast forums normally filled with such jargon that spoofs the average Joe like you and me – A simple, concise and easy-to-follow guide to upgrading your PC. Note that this is by no means a hardware guide. It is simply here to give you a pointer as to what to look for when upgrading the internals of your system. Continue Reading