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F1 2011: Here’s What We Feel

How does the upcoming version of F1 change things?

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Need For Speed: The Run | At First Sight

The latest in the Need for Speed series is on its way on November 15th. Its being developed by Black Box, who were also responsible for NFS Undercover,  a game which received a lukewarm reception and was often considered incomplete by industry critics. Lets hope they pick up a few good tips from Criterion, who developed the successful NFS : Hot Pursuit, and bring us a winner this time round.

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Need For Speed Shift 2 Review

Fast. Visceral. Unforgiving. You jump into the driver’s seat as soon as you start the NFSS2 career mode in a practice run to determine driver-tailored difficulty settings. And what a practice run. Your heart begins pounding so loudly that you can hear it thumping over the shrill whine of the engine as it thunders towards the redline, and you, down the straight. You lean forward into your monitor screen in an attempt to peer round the approaching bend, slow down a little, looking to the side you turn, and stomping down with the right foot, you sprint relentlessly onwards. All around you are other racers determined to get to the finish line before you. But beware Read the rest of this entry